Core Library

libgstreamer-1.0 .so provides all the core GStreamer services, including initialization, plugin management and types, as well as the object hierarchy that defines elements and bins, along with some more specialized elements.


GStreamer – Media library supporting arbitrary formats and filter graphs.

GstAllocator – allocate memory blocks

GstAtomicQueue – An atomic queue implementation

GstBin – Base class and element that can contain other elements

GstBuffer – Data-passing buffer type

GstBufferList – Lists of buffers for data-passing

GstBufferPool – Pool for buffers

GstBus – Asynchronous message bus subsystem

GstCaps – Structure describing sets of media formats

GstCapsFeatures – A set of features in caps

GstChildProxy – Interface for multi child elements.

GstClock – Abstract class for global clocks

gstcompatNo description available

GstContext – Lightweight objects to represent element contexts

GstControlBinding – attachment for control source sources

GstControlSource – base class for control source sources

GstDateTime – A date, time and timezone structure

gstdebugutilsNo description available

GstDevice – Object representing a device

GstDeviceMonitor – A device monitor and prober

GstDeviceProvider – A device provider

GstDeviceProviderFactory – Create GstDeviceProviders from a factory

GstDynamicTypeFactory – Represents a registered dynamically loadable GType

GstElement – Abstract base class for all pipeline elements

GstElementFactory – Create GstElements from a factory

GstError – Categorized error messages

GstEvent – Structure describing events that are passed up and down a pipeline

GstFormat – Dynamically register new data formats

GstGhostPad – Pseudo link pads

GstInfo – Debugging and logging facilities

GstIterator – Object to retrieve multiple elements in a threadsafe way.

GstMemory – refcounted wrapper for memory blocks

GstMessage – Lightweight objects to signal the application of pipeline events

GstMeta – Buffer metadata

GstMiniObject – Lightweight base class for the GStreamer object hierarchy

GstObject – Base class for the GStreamer object hierarchy

GstPad – Object contained by elements that allows links to other elements

GstPadTemplate – Describe the media type of a pad.

GstParamSpec – GParamSpec implementations specific to GStreamer

GstParse – Get a pipeline from a text pipeline description

GstPipeline – Top-level bin with clocking and bus management functionality.

GstPlugin – Container for features loaded from a shared object module

GstPluginfeature – Base class for contents of a GstPlugin

GstPoll – Keep track of file descriptors and make it possible to wait on them in a cancellable way

GstPreset – helper interface for element presets

GstProtection – Functions and classes to support encrypted streams.

gstquarkNo description available

GstQuery – Provide functions to create queries, and to set and parse values in them.

GstRegistry – Abstract base class for management of GstPlugin objects

GstSample – A media sample

GstSegment – Structure describing the configured region of interest in a media file.

GstStreamCollection – Base class for collection of streams

GstStreams – Base class for stream objects

GstStructure – Generic structure containing fields of names and values

GstSystemClock – Default clock that uses the current system time

GstTagList – List of tags and values used to describe media metadata

GstTagsetter – Element interface that allows setting and retrieval of media metadata

GstTask – Abstraction of GStreamer streaming threads.

GstTaskPool – Pool of GStreamer streaming threads

GstToc – Generic table of contents support

GstTocSetter – Element interface that allows setting and retrieval of the TOC

GstTracer – Tracing base class

GstTracerFactory – Information about registered tracer functions

GstTracerRecord – Trace log entry class

gsttracerutilsNo description available

GstTypefind – Stream type detection

GstTypeFindFactory – Information about registered typefind functions

GstUri – URI parsing and manipulation.

GstUtils – Various utility functions

GstValue – GValue implementations specific to GStreamer

MiscellaneousNo description available

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