Low level APIs

Those APIs should usually not be used unless you know what you are doing, check other parts of the documentation before deciding you should use one of those.


GESAudioTestSource – produce a simple test waveform or silence

GESAudioTransition – implements audio crossfade transition

GESAudioUriSource – outputs a single audio stream from a given file

GESBaseEffectClip – An effect in a GESLayer

GESBaseEffect – adds an effect to a stream in a GESSourceClip or a GESLayer

GESBaseTransitionClip – Base classes for transitions

GESClipAsset – A GESAsset subclass specialized in GESClip extraction

ges effect assetNo description available

GESEffectClip – An effect created by parse-launch style bin descriptions in a GESLayer

GESImageSource – outputs the video stream from a media file as a still image.

GESMultiFileSource – outputs the video stream from a sequence of images.

GESOperationClip – Base Class for operations in a GESLayer

GESOperation – Base Class for effects and overlays

GESOverlayClip – Base Class for overlays in a GESLayer

GESPitiviFormatter – A formatter for the obsolete Pitivi xptv project file format

ges screenshotNo description available

GESSourceClip – Base Class for sources of a GESLayer

GESSource – Base Class for single-media sources

GESTextOverlayClip – Render text onto another stream in a GESLayer

GESTitleSource – render stand-alone text titles

GESTrackElementAsset – A GESAsset subclass specialized in GESTrackElement extraction

GESTransitionClip – Transition from one clip to another in a GESLayer

GESTransition – base class for audio and video transitions

ges typesNo description available

GESUriClipAsset – A GESAsset subclass specialized in GESUriSource extraction

GESVideoTestSource – produce solid colors and patterns

GESVideoTransition – implements video crossfade transition

GESVideoUriSource – outputs a single video stream from a given file

ges xml formatterNo description available

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